Our Expertise

Through experience in all types of urban planning and urban design projects of various size and complexity, our team of planners and urban designers understand how to approach each project differently according to its specific contexts and requirements.

With good understanding of the overall planning processes and the possible implications, we advise our client on the most appropriate project scopes, project timeline and the best possible multi-disciplinary team of specialists for each project.

Partnering with many leading specialists, DP Urban offers integrated end-to-end services for urban planning, urban design and related services, which include aerial mapping, setting up of geo-spatial database platform, economic, demographic and sectoral studies for cities’ future, real estate, urban environmental assessment, stakeholders’ engagement, visioning and programming, concept plan preparation, zoning and regulatory framework preparation, urban design and heritage conservation, transportation and infrastructure planning, smart city consultancy and preparation of master plan implementation, that leads towards project marketing, project financing, capacity building, land consolidation and implementation management. 

Finally, based on our past experiences, we believe in the importance of intensive client and stakeholders’ engagement is key towards successful project delivery.