The Firm

DP Urban (DPU) is part of DP Architect’s group of companies, specialising in urban planning and urban design.

Building on DPA’s pioneering works in urban projects in Singapore with the China Town Master Plan and Orchard Road revitalisation plan, DP Urban (DPU) extends this expertise further into larger scale resort planning, city and regional planning, port, airport and industrial planning, while deepening our interests in urban regeneration projects, conservation and urban design.
Today, DPU’s projects spread across China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, assisting both private and public clients. Our team of planners work with different specialists, partners and leading consultants to deliver integrated urban solutions for our clients.
With our cities changing very rapidly due to technological disruptions, DPU is committed to continually improve the way we plan and develop our cities, leveraging on technological advancement while ensuring a workable model of economic feasibility, environment quality enhancement and social development.