City and Regional Planning

Our Team of Planners have been involved in large-scale regional and city planning projects in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, apart from providing capacity building for different planning authorities in Asian cities.

City and regional planning are long processes involving various stakeholders in preparation of the blueprint for city development. As such stakeholders’ engagement is key in delivering successful city and regional master plans.

Working with our specialist partners, we assist our client in preparing base maps, setting planning geo-database, looking into the socio-economic and demographic aspects as well as the environment, infrastructure and transportation aspects of the city or region.

The creative plan making process and the understanding of planning policies and the regulatory framework are key in ensuring a workable and implementable plan that catalyses development.

Finally, the understanding financial aspects, land issues and the capacity of the local planning authority are key in the preparation of a good Master Plan Implementation.

Project Alpha Centauri

Area: 34,000 ha
Year of Completion: 2018
Location: India