Mixed-Use, Urban Regeneration

We accumulated expertise in urban design and conservation through our involvement in key urban regeneration projects in Singapore, such as the Chinatown regeneration project, Orchard Road repositioning exercise, Singapore river regeneration project as well as Marina centre development. To date, we have completed urban regeneration projects in Turkey and other parts of Asia.

Urban regeneration is an important and ongoing process in rejuvenating older districts, meeting the changing market demand, improving infrastructure and enhancing urban spaces through urban design and conservation.

Working with conservation, infrastructure, landscape and real estate specialists, we define the new development mix, propose adaptive reuse for building conservation and propose placemaking strategies towards strengthening the urban identity, preserving heritage, designing the public realm, improving the infrastructure and enhancing the quality of urban spaces and living environment.


Area: -
Year of Completion: 1997
Location: Singapore

Existing Libreville Airport Redevelopment Master Plan

Area: 480ha
Year of Completion: 2019
Location: Africa

Gabon Airport City

Area: 4280ha
Year of Completion: 2019
Location: Africa