Residential Township Planning

Singapore is one of the very few countries, that have successfully developed quality affordable housing for its population. In the past 50 years, Singapore has developed more than 20 residential townships, which are working very well, tried and tested, well-maintained and rejuvenated to meet the shifting needs of residents from time to time.

The Singapore township model is based on high-density living, principles of inclusivity with highest infrastructure provision, comprehensive and integrated public facilities, extensive green network and a number of reserve sites to allow for flexibility and changes in future development.

Understanding the dynamic of housing development in Singapore and our involvement in numerous housing projects in the region puts us in the best position to assist our clients in understanding housing markets and dynamics, defining the housing mix and structuring the residential township to allow for effective management of a development.

Developing smart infrastructure, transportation and attractive green networks are an integral part in developing quality housing environments

Ain Hlaitan Master Plan

Area: 400 ha
Year of Completion: 2019
Location: Middle East