Ain Hlaitan Master Plan


Ain Hlaitan is one of the oldest cities in Qatar and with a population of only 96,169 (2015), a low number in comparison to the capital. The formal fishing town is currently under urban redevelopment, as part of the government’s effort to upgrade other cities in the country in order to ease some of the growing strain on the capital’s infrastructure.

Middle East
Category Residential Township Planning
Year 2019
Size 400 ha

The master plan creates an all-weather, integrated community, commercial and recreational hub on the island that will complement the existing Al Khor Town Centre and become a new destination in Al Khor. A boardwalk with attractive waterfront galleries, shops and restaurant will activate the waterfront and connect to the residential clusters.

Each neighbourhood is served with public amenities such as a school, club house and mixed-use development, all connected by a green network. The green connectors also act as view corridors towards the sea.

Specialist Services

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