Existing Libreville Airport Redevelopment Master Plan

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The Government of Gabon is developing a new international airport at NKOK and will decommission the existing Leon-Mba International Airport of Libreville. The 480ha airport site, being close to the city centre and close to an up-market housing area, presents opportunities for redevelopment into a new generation city, that will be the Regional Centre of the northern area of Libreville, a tourist and recreational destination and prestigious residential and business districts.

The planning process started with simulating the population or urban growth and possible future city structure. The strategic location of the land at the end of the city’s semi expressway network positions the site as a gateway and the future regional centre of the North district, with business, leisure, retail and high-tech services as the main economic drivers.

A visionary approach was applied to understand what will be needed in the near future and how the land can be used optimally to support the urban growth and to re-create the city for a new generation city and one that is iconic in modern-day Libreville.

Projecting the city to double its population in 2040, the redevelopment plan maps out and restructures the city into five regions, while positioning the site as the Regional Centre for the northern region. Based on the positioning, constraints and opportunities, a clear Vision Framework guides the thought process, leading to the integration of key projects in the redevelopment master plan.

Category Mixed-use, Urban Regeneration | Airport, Port and Industrial Planning
Year 2019
Size 480ha
The development bridges the old and the new, the forest and the sea, and the city and the suburb.

The redevelopment plan adapted and reused major parts of the existing airport infrastructure for various facilities and thus minimised wastage and demolition. The redevelopment plan also utilised and connected existing low laying areas as water precipitation drainage areas and linear green allowing cyclists to move across the city. From a socio-economic point of view, the redevelopment plan created both the business and technology hub, which Gabon will need in the future, as well as the youth and civic hub, which will help community development in the city.

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