Lishui Yunhe Integrated Tourism Development

Nature, Culture and Experience

According to an upper-level master plan of the overall city, this region was defined as an integrated tourism development. Sited in a mountainous area along the Oujiang River, it presents unique opportunities to play with the topography and add value to the development. Together with DP Architects, the client, RK Investment Group and Seec Tongchuan Investment, aimed to introduce a thematic concept to the site of over 320ha that is worth celebrating both locally and internationally. The proposed master plan defines the entire site into three zones: The River, The Valley and The Mountain.

Yunhe, Lishui, Zhejiang, China
Category Resort, Landscape & Thematic Planning
Year 2018
Size 332 ha
The New Yunhe Town development, providing diverse attractions, bridging nature and culture, and connecting people, will lead the region to transform into a new tourism hub and destination.

The entire development will be fully integrated under singular management to provide exclusive services for all tourists and residences. An innovative undertaking, the development has activities for all age groups. With diverse attractions ranging from natural elements to high-tech experiences, the project aims to bridge nature and culture, connect people and redefine the image of the town, further strengthening the tourism brand for Yunhe.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.